Conventional flours


Remilled durum wheat semolina ideal for fresh pasta, ravioli, tagliatelle, for sprinkling in pizzeria and in the kitchen. Excellent for crispy frying and breading. Obtained from the fine grinding of the best European durum wheat. Characteristic yellow ocher color and strong aroma of wheat.


Durum wheat semolina of medium-large size ideal for dry pasta, gnocchi and special preparations. Obtained from the grinding of the best European durum wheat. Characteristic sunflower yellow color and strong aroma of wheat.


Remilled whole durum wheat semolina, ideal for fresh pasta, ravioli, wholemeal tagliatelle. Obtained from the grinding of the best European durum wheat. Characteristic yellow ocher color and brown dots given by the bran.


Milled soft wheat with extensive blends, ideal for Pita Bread, and Flat Bread. Obtained from the complete grinding of the best national and foreign cereals (Spain, France).


Whole Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) whole cleaned ready for consumption. Suitable to be ground at home or for special preparations such as dietary bread and/or anti-diabetic bread.


Ideal for the preparation of desserts, puff pastry, filo pastry and shortcrust pastry. Also indicated as an alternative to durum wheat semolina for the production of fresh egg pasta to bring out the color of the yolk even over time. Particularly refined flour, obtained by grinding the internal floury body of national and foreign grains (Germany, Austria). Average strength: W 180/90 cm2


Suitable for the production of bread, breadsticks and baked goods in general. Doughs that need elasticity but also an integral component. Obtained from the grinding of national and foreign grains. Semi wheat flour of medium-low strength; W 180/90 cm2

Products for pizzeria


Suitable for indirect processing, leavened dough, sourdough and long fermentation baked goods in general. Obtained by grinding strong ester grains. High protein and gluten content. Flour for cutting. High strength flour; W 350/140 cm2 with high elasticity.



Finely grind of special flour for the classic twist. Elastic, raw and aromatic crust, alveolate crumb with brown colour and mixed seeds. Suitable for indirect processing, long fermentation with cold technique. The bread maintains its freshness thanks to the high hydration of the dough and the presence of seeds. To be inserted at will in all products, it increases the bioavailability of the nutrients, improves the aroma and colour of the breads.



Made from whole dried corn kernels that are ground into flour. Gluten-free and works just as well in crispbread as in soft breads, cakes and pancakes. It gives a nice yellow colour and natural sweetness.