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Your product’s quality is our major concern. Our craftsmanship and our modern production facilities combined with a comprehensive quality management system allow us to get the best out of grain.


Our craftmanship is characterized by worldwide grain purchases based on extensive knowledge on grains and applications, market expertise and well-studied milling and handling techniques.

In addition, Beity flour offers you the possibility to benefit from the expertise of her highly qualified staff members in supplying added value with tailormade natural products. Only the best is good enough! Also, Beity mills makes sure to follow up continuously market trends and customer requirements. As such, our employees collaborate closely with our customers, industrial experts and internationally renowned organizations resulting in successful product renewals and process improvements.

Modern production facilities

Modern production facilities support Beity Mills in offering and expanding craftmanship and high quality: several grain/flour labs offer intensive quality verifications throughout the different phases of the production process.

Grain lab

Before processing, each wheat lot is subject to extensive quality and safety checks. Upon approval of the wheat’s hygienic aspects, tests are being launched to verify its baking properties on the basis of which optimum milling and mingling of the grain’s raw materials will be determined.

Flour lab

Just as is the case for grain, all remaining raw materials are subject to intensive quality and safety controls before entering our production process. In addition, samples are systematically being taken during and after the production process to verify the flour’s physical and chemical aspects for further adjustment when necessary. Only by proceeding as such, we are able to offer stable finished products at constant high quality.